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Is It Safe To Drink Alcohol? And In What Amounts? A much debated topic.  The World Health Organization says “there is no safe level for drinking alcohol.” Perhaps your surprised by this as there levels which government agencies consider “low-risk,” or levels which lower your risk for developing an alcohol dependency however, alcohol can still present problems within your life. As a guideline, low-risk drinking is considered anything less than: Three drinks per day or less for women, not to exceed seven drinks per week. Four drinks per day or less for men, not to exceed 14 drinks per week. Awareness of these guidelines may help to decrease your risk of alcohol addiction and alcohol-related adverse health effects. As well as helping you to make healthier decisions in your life.

Heavy Drinking! Does It Increase the risk of Addiction? Heavy drinking is considered anything over these levels. Research suggests that 1 in 4 people who exceed these limits already has an alcohol use disorder. Heavy drinking significantly increases your risk of developing an alcohol addiction and numerous health problems, many of which can cause death.    

Signs of Alcohol Addiction - Do you recognize these patterns in yourself or your loved one? Alcohol abuse occurs on a spectrum, and as it accelerates in severity, the risks associated with it climb proportionately. Individuals with an alcohol addiction will exhibit a significant number of the following behaviors. ·

Physical, mental, emotional and social health, can be disrupted by alcohol which may lead to:

The adverse effects of alcohol can be a double-edged sword.  Many people that are faced with the reality that alcohol has impacted in their life, will continue to drink to numb the pain, thus intensifying their addiction.   It’s never to late to seek help, you are not alone.